A glance on the Southwest Airlines flight attendant jobs and Job roles

A popular airline company is Southwest Airlines, and their flight attendants enjoy great healthcare offerings, benefits, and retirement plans. With luck and perseverance, one can start here, a career.

How to get southwest airlines flight attendant jobs?

Southwest airlines flight attendant jobs are not easy to get hired with this airline. Preparing yourself is crucial for the employment and application process. You must spend time developing essential skills and acquiring training for this position. Before placing the online resume, take special care and submit it on the career website of Southwest airlines.

Preparing for the process of the interview means you, as an applicant for the flight attendant’s job should anticipate possible questions. It is a must to get the topics ready, and you may have to attend in-person and phone interviews. 

Familiarize with the flight attendant job roles

Remember, the southwest airlines flight attendant jobs can be inconsistent and flexible. It is similar to other customer service industry jobs. There are no specifics on the number of hours your work and the time you work on them. If any co-worker does not take a flight, you may have to fill in the space. Additionally, the schedules of your work alternate between the flight set times and on-call duty.

As a flight attendant, the expectation is to work on special occasions and holidays. You may be assigned to various flights, so do not plan extensive trips. The holiday season includes traveling a lot, and the good chance is you require to board various flights. Stay prepared to spend even major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas on a plane.

What is the advantage of being in the southwest airlines flight attendant job?

The southwest airlines flight attendant jobs make solid hourly earnings. It is the reason your salary may differ as per the experience level. The flight attendants’ average hourly rate per hour is $32, and you may get a bonus making the flight attendants’ average supplemental high. A Southwest flight attendant or employee gets profit-sharing from the airline and some stock bonuses.

  • Initially, your base salary average will be for the first 6 months near $22. After a year, it increases per hour to around $25.
  • Additionally, you get a small allowance that you can use to pay for food and other necessities during your travel.

What does the flight attendant training include?

Knowing about the hiring process for the flight attendant jobs in Southwest Airlines is the best to get prepared. You can also know through Southwest airline’s Twitter, about the Airline hiring news. 

Once you are hired, they give a flight attendant training class that prepares you for the job. It is a 4-week training in Dallas. You are prepared for the plane’s different scenarios. They ensure you are well-rounded to handle different duties and are a perfect host on the flight.

The practice training involves serving on practice flights, and there will be experienced, crew members. You can clarify your doubts by asking your trainers. It is a must to attend and pass the training to serve as a flight crew.

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