Insight on Southwest Airlines flight attendant Recruitment details

Southwest Airlines is growing and has a large employee base accounting for Southwest Employees. They have been showing incredible progress to be known as the best flights.

Southwest Airlines Co is well-known as the Southwest. It is the major airline and the largest low-cost carrier in the United States. The headquarters are in Texas and Dallas, and there are scheduled services in the US for 121 destinations and more than 10 countries.

The travel trends of Southwest airlines are mostly earlier booked journeys. However, these airlines fly the three cheapest days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday on Southwest airlines. 

How to become a southwest flight attendant?

Southwest Airlines Flight attendant has its requirements and benefits. Southwest Airlines is the best in America and landing a flight attendant job at Southwest Airlines is highly competitive.

Following your dreams and securing the flight attendant’s job is of value. However, it begins with the application process. You will have to pass and go through several stages to reach the final stage. It means you must pass and clear each stage, to go to the next. If you are not clearing any of the stages, you cannot progress.

Recruitment Requirements of Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant 

The requirements of Southwest Flight Attendant are:

  • Must be 20 years or older
  • Should have completed a High school diploma, GED, or something equivalent
  • Ability to work legally in the United States
  • English fluency
  • Ready for flexible schedules
  • Valid foreign or U.S. passport
  • A perfect vision or 20/40 as a correctable vision
  • Must pass a medical test, background check, and drug test
  • Maintain a properly-groomed appearance as per Southwest Airlines set standard
  • Meeting physical requirements such as standing for a long time and reaching overhead bins.
  • 50 pounds lifting ability from floor to shoulder level, lift, kneel, stand, and reach.
  • Weight and height should be in proportion.
  • Enough physical ability to perform job functions without hindrance
  • Fit and walk down comfortably facing the aircraft aisle. Fitting the over-wing window exit quickly, fitting and fastening the harness of the jumpseat, unhindered without modification.
  • No body piercings or visible tattoos
  • Fully vaccinated from covid-19.

Southwest Airlines also accepts candidates with:

  • Previous experience in the aviation industry 
  • 1 or more years of experience in guest care or customer service
  • Beyond high school education is acceptable

Southwest flight attendant’s other critical details

Southwest flight attendants work 75 to 100 hours and spend around 50 hours on the ground, every month. They write reports, prepare flights, and wait for planes to arrive. They are away from home for several nights. They work in variable schedules and some work part-time. Southwest Airlines provide training in Dallas, Texas for flight attendant. This flight attendant training program is for 4 weeks.

Southwest Airlines flight attendants are expected to maintain strict attendance. There is a possibility that a trip for three days can potentially turn into a five days travel. It may be that you are paid only for the trip assignments of three days. One has to accept that they will have to spend much time away from personal life, while they are commuting.

The cabin crew is on layovers before returning home, due to their job nature. Here the Airlines provide a hotel overnight free stay but remember not all the cabin crew members are entitled to free housing.

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