Is Anne Hathaway ready for Princess diaries 3?

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

The newest Queen of Genovia in the princess diaries franchise played by Anne Hathaway may be making a return for the part 3 of the franchise, the Oscar winning actor is in agreement and we the viewers are also here for it. Anna Hathaway was just an 18-year-old when she made her debut in 2001 as Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi in the film The Princess Diaries. The critically acclaimed film was based on a young adult series titled “the princess diaries” it was of the same name as the film and was written by author Meg Cabot.

The princess diaries franchise has plenty impact and have always been referenced in pop culture, there are also many memes dedicated to the franchise. Anne Hathaway have always been vocal about her interest in making the 3rd part of the popular franchise, the rumor about princess diaries 3 was circulating in 2019, but when Julia Andrews who was Anne Hathaway co-star and starred in the movie as the current Queen of the kingdom and also Hathaway’s paternal grandmother was asked about the rumor, she said she can’t imagine returning to the franchise without the director Garry Marshall who passed away in 2016.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Anna Hathaway who was there to talk about her new movie Armageddon Time was asked about princess diaries 3, the actress confirm her past vocal interesting in playing her formal role. But the main reason for her interest is because she wants to work with her formal co-star who she admires greatly again, she said she is very interested if she they can get “Julia Andrew involved” again, she said if Andrew agree to just work with her, they can meet her anywhere that is comfortable for and set up a green screen to shoot her part. But with Andrew who previously stated that she “can’t imagine” returning back to the movie because she won’t get to work with the late director Marshall, we don’t know if part 3 will be possible, but finger crossed, we are hoping for the best.

In the interview, the Oscar winning actor who is an a-list herself said she still get star struck she met some of the legends in the movie industry. She talked about the first time she met her co-star Anthony Hopkin, she “clammed up” on the set Armageddon Time when they met for the first time. She was not embarrassed though, because it can happen to anyone, she not any different, she thinks Hopkin didn’t notice anything wrong so it was a win.

Talking about the new movie, she said the film was very personal, it embodied how family can be a very complicating thing for us to talk about sometimes. She thinks the movie will have an impact in many people. The movie follows the life of a Jewish family who live Queens in the 1980s. the actress was able to ask questions was able to ask questions from her husband who is also a Jewish, it made it easier for her to get into character.


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