The Real Housewives of Dubai, a Rich Playground in a non-US city

The Real Housewives of Dubai is a TV series. Bravo has shifted the focus to a hotter place than California. This new cast is going to bring in a big drama.

The Real Housewives of Dubai is a reality television franchise. It is bringing mixed reactions from the Dubai resident and the emirate, as the TV series is landing in Dubai. It is a series about six women, and one of them is Emirati, the Bravo TV star, to premiere soon, and there is a lot of criticism that the series does not reflect the ground reality in the emirate.

What is it about this series?

The Real Housewives of Dubai TV series as much as it was filmed in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and New Jersey. It will show the affluence of women lives to live in Dubai and offer an inside look at their so-called glamorous and dramatic world. 

It is the first original Bravo production in a non-US city. Andy Cohen, the Executive producer says the show will bring never heard before conversations into the universe of the Housewives. Of course, the Dubai rules are not the same as the Salt Lake City or Beverly hills. It will be fascinating to hear and know about people living in Dubai.

There will be desert fashion shoots, shade in plenty, and a lot of money. The new series is most welcomed by many, while the native population in the majority is Muslim, and they have expressed discontent on social media.

Majid Alamry, the Emirati social media influencer tweeted saying the Dubai housewives are our sisters, mothers, and daughters. They help in giving and upbringing of the children. Though Dubai is a tolerant country, it will not let others walk over their values and morals. Thus, there is no representation of The Real Housewives of Dubai TV series.

Details on the TV series production

The Real Housewives of Dubai TV series is a Truly Original production with Steven Weinstock, Lauren Eskelin, Glenda Hersh, Brandon Panaligan, Jamie Jakimo, Chelsey Stephens, and Glenda Cox as executive producers. Cohen is the executive producer.

The format of this TV series is already sold globally, and it will be the first international season under Bravo production. The current editions are New York City, Orange County, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Potomac, Miami, Beverly Hills, and Salt Lake City. The 2010 season was set in D.C. It is over a decade into the franchise of the Real Housewives, and it is going still very strong. Bravo is all set to bring the 11th city in the franchise The Real Housewives of Dubai TV series. It will have a dynamic women group navigating the exclusive high social scene maintaining ultra-luxe billionaires. The new series assures showing the decadent and luxurious side of Dubai with the cast within the ‘City of Gold.’ More eyes are awaiting this TV series to get a glimpse of the desert city Dubai.

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