Treating Houstonians with Dignity and Compassion

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As the nation’s fourth largest city, Houston is home to a diverse population of over 2 million people from all walks of life. With such a variety of challenges and mental health needs, providing accessible and affordable therapy is crucial. The therapy center of houston strives to offer just that.

The center’s team of experienced therapists is specially trained to provide comprehensive mental health care for individuals, couples and families in a safe and supportive environment. They understand that seeking therapy can be difficult and work hard to make all clients feel welcome and at ease.

A variety of treatment approaches are available at the therapy center of houston depending on client needs. Therapists are skilled in evidence-based modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, EMDR and more. For some clients, communication-focused therapy oriented around active listening and emotional validation can provide the most benefit. Other clients may find more success with goal-directed, action-oriented approaches.

Regardless of the specific treatment used, the therapy center of houston aims to treat every client with dignity and respect. Therapists get to know clients as individuals with complex life stories and help them build skills to better handle challenges and regulate emotions in a healthy manner. The therapists at the center understand how social factors like race, income, gender and sexual orientation can intersect and influence an individual’s mental health. This awareness allows them to tailor therapy in an inclusive manner.

The therapy center of houston strives to offer affordable services so therapy remains accessible to Houston residents of all backgrounds. They accept most major insurance plans and offer income-based sliding scales to make sure financial concerns never prevent someone from receiving the help they need.

By providing Houstonians with high-quality, compassionate mental health care in a judgement-free environment, the therapy center of houston hopes to empower individuals and strengthen communities from within. With an emphasis on dignity, cultural sensitivity and financial accessibility, their mission is to ensure all residents of Houston have the opportunity to achieve optimal mental wellbeing.



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