Is Food shortage 2022 crucial, are there ways or solutions to avert it?

Food supplies all around 2022, see a rapid increase, and there is a food supply shortage. The crisis is in different parts, and it is compounding globally.

What is the reason for the Food Crisis?

Several food shortages and several factors are causing the global food supply chain scarcities. There is a Food shortage in 2022. All these problems are reasons to cause concern, and they add up to food shortages, such as:

  • Climate Change-The climate change does not show dire effects yet, but with the flooding, droughts, and extreme weather on the rise, the effects of food shortage are being felt. The extreme drought conditions are hindering farmers from producing berries, vegetables, dairy, and nuts. Similar problems are worldwide as it develops and expands. Thus, it leads to food shortage problems globally.
  • Cyberattacks- The food industry is prone to vulnerabilities such as cyberattacks. There is a food supply coming to a few companies, and most companies have left the food chain prone to vulnerability. Cybersecurity is not prioritized.
  • Labor shortages- With the pandemic exposing problems, it is far-reaching in every supply chain piece. It includes packers to pickers and retail transportation to restaurants. Fresh foods are perishable, and transportation delay leads to spoilage. There are not enough drivers to move meat, fruits, dairy, or vegetable crates which are left in the shipping containers and thrown away.
  • Scarce packaging materials- People are not thinking about the food industry. The labor shortage is a big problem. Common packing materials such as plastic, paper, and glass are in short supply. Products fail to reach the grocery store shelves.

What is the solution?

The solution is to have some emergency food supply including non-perishable food. Building a stockpile of food in a reasonable amount helps. Stock up some lentils and beans, shelf-stable vegetables, and fruits. Nuts, rice, shelf-stable milk, peanut butter, healthy oils, pet food, infant’s and children’s food, etc.

Shop responsibly

With the impending crisis of Food shortage in 2022, behaving responsibly is vital. It helps with the global food shortage. No need for panic buying and buying essentials for you and your family. Consider sustainable alternatives as favorite foods. Thus, avoid food transportation problems and the climate crisis. Buy goods with minimal packaging, it helps in cutting single-use plastics. Besides, consider reusable or refillable alternatives.

How to Avoid Food Shortage 

The concern of the current food shortage is to focus on a sustainable future as the current status is not in control. Considering sustainable local foods is the best to solve the problems threatening the food supply. Hence the focus is best on those efforts. 

Different agricultural methods secure a sustainable supply of food. Adopting Green Technology is functional and sustainable, despite far-reaching effects and climate change. Vertical greenhouses farming grows leafy greens up to 500 tons even on a small acre and half. They do not use soil and grow plants in water by adding nutrients. These thrive no matter the season, climate, or weather conditions. The greenhouses are safe working conditions and full-time jobs with year-round full benefits and wages. They produce a year around 11-13 harvests.

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