A guideline on the southwest flight attendant salary

Southwest Airlines are having a strong employee base and now with its steady services even during a pandemic is showing amazing growth. It means the hiring is on.

The milestones of hiring new staff will go on throughout 2022. Although they have already taken 10,000 southwest new employees since January and are giving training, there will be more to come.

What does a Flight Attendant do?

Flight attendants or also referred to as cabin crew. They are air hosts, cabin attendants, stewards, or stewardesses. They are the aircrew members employed by the airline to assure the passenger’s comfort and safety.

The Southwest flight attendant’s salary on average as of June 2022 is $78,850. However, the range is between $63,286 and $97,752. The range of a salary varies depending on factors such as the education of the employee, additional skills, certifications, years of experience in this profession, and so on. The real-time compensation data is more and helps to know the exact pay target as per the travels, etc.

In 2019, Southwest flight attendants on average were paid nearly $69,600 in salary and benefits. It was the highest in the airline industry. The Southwest Airlines flight attendant also receives incentives as per their travel schedule.

The number of hours they work?

Southwest Airlines include long working hours of 10-12 hours and mostly are 3-day trips. There is no maximum or minimum count for a flight attendant. The work may be from 1 to 5 flights a day. The pay is better with flexibility.

There is a training period before actually going on Southwest flight attendant jobs. It means to work five days after the flight attendant’s graduation period. On completing the graduation, there is an Initial pay for training as $1200 minus benefit deductions and applicable taxes. However, in the training period, you receive a meal stipend of $425 as a pre-paid Visa card.

Presently, the Southwest flight attendants or the cabin crew are paid once the door of the aircraft closes. They are not paid for the time the passengers are boarding. Being a flight attendant is a rewarding career and worthwhile decision career. It offers a lifestyle that anyone would aspire to have. The pay is great, they enjoy a continuous adventure, amazing memories, and human interaction. 

Flight attendants per hour earning

The least hourly rate for any airline flight attendant is $16.50; while regional airlines pay less.

However, the $16.50 is just the starting salary. Flight attendants receive after a contracted number of years an annual raise, so a flight attendant does not stay for long in the same starting salary.

A senior flight attendant also earns more than $70 an hour, while some may be near $30 for flight attendants for an hour. The pay varies with each airline.

What is the age to retire for flight attendants?

The retirement age for Southwest flight attendants is 55 years after completing the company service for 10 years. If you are 50 and have 10 years of service, the eligibility is met for early retirement.

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